MEElectronics CC51P Headset - $90 on sale for $55

I just got these delivered today from Amazon. I was going to go with Etymotic MC5s, but all of the reviews said that despite the great sound, it feel as if your ears are being constantly raped by the extremely long tips. 
So I went for these! 

They sound incredible, with the detail and clarity almost on par with my Grados which have an open ear design. Deep, but clean bass, good mids, even highs, with almost complete sound isolation from the large, but super soft and comfortable tips. They arent as clear as my now defunct (and officially discontinued) Shure E4Cs, but those were 5x the price and definitely not as comfortable as these.

For fun I listened to the back to back with the standard Iphone headphones, and the difference was ridiculous! Its strange how Apple, a company renowned for its anal retentive quality control, can package their products with those awful things when companies like MEElectronics can make decent IEMs for 20 bucks. I know its all nickle and diming, but it really makes such a huge difference! 

I havent tried the Ety MC5s or the Head-direct RE0s, which are usually touted as the kings of the budget IEMs, but the CC51Ps have definitely impressed me! 

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