PM Dawn - Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine (1991)

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( chorus ) 
Reality used to be a friend of mine 
Reality used to be a friend of mine 
Maybe "why? " is the question that's on you mind 
But reality used to be a friend of mine 
Reality used to be a friend of mine. 
Reality used to be a friend of mine 
Please don't ask me 'cause I don't know why, 
But reality used to be a friend of mine. 

I used to be friends with reality 
She used to be a pal real close to me 
But she tried to hide from me what was in store 
Tried to house me but a house has doors 
I was insane and the picture was crazy 
So the relevance here seems to be a bit hazy 
But I tried to explain this in the simplest terms 
But she let the cross burn and it was my turn to say, 
"the roses are red, and violets are blue,j 
And things are gonna stay that way, too" 
And I was the nut to believe all of this 
I figured life would just hand me bliss 
Now I have to worry about certain doom 
Or will I be here tomorrow afternoon 
Now ask me about the future. 

( chorus ) 
I remember sandy gave me a hand. 
Now I'm known as the maniac man 
Looking and searching for a shred of proof 
Knowing any time this world could go poof 
Now what might happen without me knowin' 
That's why I find myself always tip-tip toeing 
She tried to let prophecy sneak up on me 
But I woke up, I told her "yo step off me" 
What you want me to do? 
You want me to sweat blood, 
And hang up on your strings like a marionette does? 
Go to the pm on the dock of the bay, sit 
You need a clue. go back to the basics. 
She needs to learn her abc's 
Her and I sail on different seas. 
She sees different from what I sees. 
{do you believe? hell no} 

( chorus )
I lost touch with reality. 
I keep it as far as I can from prince be 
I just didn't run with the way she flowed, 
To where I just said "yo, I gots to go" 
But my heart wasn't I'll or mad at her 
I just chose to laugh at her 
And disregard everything she tells me 
Believe in her and she's happy and healthy 
What is real, a positive plane 
Reality and life are no the same 
As to her equivalent to what is real 
She doesn't appeal to how I feel 
Maybe I should try transchanneling her 
{prince, you're taking this trip to far} 
Ok, fine, nevermind 
But reality used to be a friend of min 

( chorus 2x )
Chase the blues away 
Take your mind off reality and leave her alone

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