My new Desk set-up!

I recently moved back to my parents ("That blows!" I know!), but at least something good did come out of it... I traded my little brother my awesome kingsize bedframe and mattress for this awesome 26" Monitor and magic mouse / keyboard. Its massive, but I wish it was IPS. Although, everything I do is based on TPX Pantones, so I guess what I really need for accurate color representation is a physical Pantone flipcard book! Too bad they cost more than a new laptop! Fuck that! 
Whats on the desk? Im glad you asked!

Apple Macbook Pro 3,1 - 17"
Still kicking after 4 years of abuse!

Rain Design MStand

NEC EA261WM - 26"
Big and bright, perfect for digging into those illustrator files! Whats really cool about this monitor is the stand, it swivels all the way around and can even put the screen into portrait orientation! And it has little speakers and usb/headphone jacks galore!

Apple Iphone 4s -16gb
Just got it! First thing I loaded onto it was myPantone 2.0! Second was Street Fighter IV!

Apple Magic Mouse
Ive never used one of these before my bro gave it to me. Its a trackpad/mouse!

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
Nice to type further than 3" from the screen for a change...

Cambridge Soundworks 2.1 System 
These are from my first Alienware desktop from 2002!

Grado SR80 Headphones
I attached some Sennheiser 414 pads to it. Muuuch more comfy! and richer bass, although the highs are kind of muffled... I might have to do the "cut and reverse" mod, along with some other niceties I have planned for them... :-)

Heres a more detailed picture...

Nmemosyne 183 sketchbook

Rotring 600 drafting pencil

Sharbo X multi pen

Scotch tape!!!

Rössler memo pad

Hermetic Jar full of pens

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