Hallo zusammen! 

I feel I owe an explanation for my continual absence as of the last month. In India it was almost impossible for me to find an internet connection fast enough to load my pictures, and to find enough time to load them! 

Then, in NYC, I was too busy eating and drinking and sightseeing to care about this blog!

It has now been a week and a half since I returned from NYC, but I have been equally busy here in SF, correcting patterns based on our samples, trying to learn about fonts and logo design, and catching up with family and friends. 

As a result, I havent had much time alone to spend on the internet (which, honestly, may be for the best).


I am now fully settled, my patterns are almost done, the logo and type are coming along, and im already starting to get sick of my friends and family, so I guess its time for me to put finger to keyboard once again and pick up from where I left off (the abridged, half forgotten version, of course). 

Expect more posts soon on everything from my recent purchases, to my escapades in India, to the development of our brand (which we have christened "Umber & Ochre", in case youve been wondering), to my whinging about having to move back in with my family :( 

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