Logo Design

Ive been keeping busy with some graphic design stuff for Umber & Ochre. Im making our own typeface inspired by the Yoshiwara flyer from Metropolis. I did some research in special typography software, but the only one that was within my price range (ie. free), Font Forge, was too much of a headache to install on my faithful but ageing Macbook. 
I really need to reformat soon, and archive everything, but theres just so much else to be done!

I feel good about the font, but our branding needs some definite work. 
And I have patterns to amend, Tech packs to flesh out, sketches to repackage, and a bunch of other things that I have put on my mental backburners.

Living on a couch in a house full of nutcases doesnt help either!

I dont think those India posts are going to make it online anytime soon... 


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