Random Thoughts

So last night I ordered a pair of Gurkees Barbados as seen above, through their official website. Their website is pretty ghetto looking, which I am fine with, as I understand its a small, fairly niche company. I also understand that being fairly small, they outsource their shipping services, probably all their fulfillment services, actually. And they use Paypal for their payment solutions.

Now, as a business student with entrepreneurial aspirations, this is all ok and actually quite helpful in teaching me what kind of services I will eventually need to employ to run a business.
However, as a design student (fashion, the worst kind), getting 6 emails after another, all mailed from different companies regarding the same order seems tacky. 
As a customer, its disconcerting at best, unprofessional and risky at worst, knowing that there are so many businesses involved in an activity that puts my identity at risk. I know theres little chance of someone in Italy purchasing things with my credit card number (even though it happened to my friend), or someone in SoCal buying 99 dollars worth of gasoline at random gas stations over a week (as happened to my mother), but still, its not a nice feeling to be bothered with 6 emails when 3 would do. 

One from Paypal, one to confirm the order, and one with shipping details. 

Either way I cant wait to try on my sandals! yaaay!

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