Capsule Las Vegas

Our Booth at Capsule Las Vegas.

Starting this brand has been a massive learning experience. So far, we have misstepped almost every step of the way! But we made it to Vegas, and even managed an order!

A few mistakes and things learned:
- Printed 300 Linesheets and Lookbooks for distribution. No one took any. Thats about 100 more pounds to carry, and around 1000 dollars spent! No one wants to carry around any more weight than they have to!

- We had too many clothes! One of our styles was made in 7 color/fabric ways. We thought it would be better to give options (since we have the fabric anyway), but it just overwhelmed the people walking by, and getting them to stop and notice you was the biggest thing! 

- We need better marketing and branding! We had one label. Big John, cool guys from Japan across from us, had 3 unique labels. In EACH garment! Most of the show had the same basic designs, but with really cool graphic design or differently colored fabrics. 

- No one cares about organic or natural dyes. Not one person really cared. But thats kind of our thing, so we are going to stick with it, but its not something we can rely on. Now our mission has to be how to get the same level of quality and finish that conventional fabrics have.

- Buyers are brutal! Most know what they want going into it. They dont want to chat, and most dont even want to browse the racks of brands they dont know. I dont get very defensive, or disheartened easily, but it was frustrating when buyers walked past without making eye contact or answering my greetings! 

- Pack a peace pipe of some kind. We made a lot of friends by sharing a bottle of Old Monk rum we brought from India. The experience they shared over a quick drink was more valuable than anything I could extrapolate on my own from the show.

Walking around old vegas with some new friends.

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