Technophilic Nostalgia

Today I have joined the future.
I finally ported my number to my Iphone rendering it fully functional. Therefore, my faithful little Nokia 5310 is being put into indefinite retirement. Recently its been acting up, probably due to spending the past 4 years in my back pocket under 165 pounds of pure man. 
Although its old, slow, and glitchy, its been reliable and solid. Therefore, ill probably clear the memory, try to unlock it, and keep it for when I travel.

In the meantime, heres some of the pictures from the 2MP camera. Now I have to pay for such lo-fi filters on my Iphone! 

Its the Bill Murray lady from Britex! Even though she had the same grumpy demeanor as usual, she obviously knows how to party... 2 handles of popov and a liter of tobasco! Im liking that ratio! 

The alley behind the Ofarrel Theater. Ive seen some horrible sights from this vantage point.

This was from one of my first nights living in San Francisco. I got super duper drunk in Potrero Hill at some birthday party or other and walked home to the Tendernob via Noe Valley to Castro to Haight to Panhandle to Inner Richmond to Divisadero to Marina to Chinatown to FiDi, and finally over Nob Hill to my apartment.
My Irish Goodbye was around 1am, plastered, and I didnt get home till about 4am and sober.
Once I got out to around UCSF I couldnt find any busses or free taxis, but then suddenly, from a random tunnel a wild N Judah appeared!
I took a picture instead of jumping on.

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