Have Not (outfit edition)

Its 3:30am and I have been working on illustrator all night. Time for a day(night?) dreaming break...

My ideal Fall kit:

I love riders temples, but cant find them on any glasses save tacky aviators. (Un?)fortunately im the only one in my family who doesnt need glasses. So I guess these badass frames from the 40s with some dark olive tempered mineral glass lenses would fare me well.

Kirkton Tweed Jacket - $880
Definite hanger appeal. Although I prefer my jackets a tad longer (maybe 1.5")

M M Margiela Fingerless gloves - $195
I have naturally cold hands and cant stand stuff between my fingers, so my options are limited. Maybe if they were on sale though....

So nice... Matches the shoes too! Too bad japanese clothes are so petite! 

SNS Herning Ratio Cardigan - $370
I was so close to buying some SNS Herning a while back, but remembered I had to pay rent. *cue sad violin*

Levis Made & Crafted Chinos - $215
Niiiiice color, good fit, nice details, ok price. Plus, it goes well with the rest listed here.

 Falke makes great socks! They are so durable and warm!

ETS Callatay Richelieu Flats - $917
All 100% natural veg tanned leather, 

Hardgraft Personal Pouch - $244
Sexy-ass fanny pack!

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