Have not (Iphone Edition)

Hard Graft Phone Fold Wallet - $98
Pricey for a case, but I need a new wallet anyways. Two Birds!
Looking at the construction though, I feel I could easily make one of these. If only I had access to an industrial sewing machine! My cheapo target one wont puncture leather that thick.

Cheap(ish), durable, and supposedly they sound absolutely amazing. My last pair of Shures didnt last long, so I figure I ought to try out some other brands. I hear they have some issues with the 4S though.

Iphone 4s seems to have battery issues. This little quick charger might help mitigate those issues.
Slimmest waterproof (up to 2m), shockproof (up to 2m), dustproof, adding only 1/16" thickness.

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