Some packages came!

 for reviewing what Ive forgotten

100% cotton, with a nice tight, chunky weave

Sock puppet socks!!! 

Two Feet Ahead footie socks
Beautiful multicolored heather

Also... guess which lucky boy is getting an Iphone 4s soon! 

THIS ONE!! woop woop! 
I did the math, and I can actually afford the monthly payments when I combine them with my dads account into a family plan. So after some swanky excell spreadsheets and careful negotiating I managed to get him to go halfsies with me. Ill only be paying 10 bucks more a month (2 Anchor Steams anywhere in SF!) than I pay for my now malfunctioning Nokia 5310.
Now it might be time to sell my suped up LX5... we shall see...

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