Sapho - Alphonse Daudet (1884)

Fiiiiiiinally finished reading this 180 page book. It took me all semester to get through the first 3/4 pages, and about 4 hours to finish the last quarter.

Ill admit, I bought it because of the way the cover looks, but am glad I did because the content is fantastic, if a little draught out. It follows the dysfunctional relationship between a young man with a bright future and a former lush who is beginning to show her age.

Not much happens in terms of plot throughout their 5 year romance, but as they move through the stages of their imbalanced and poorly timed relationship, their feelings towards each other shift and change, and eventually it all ends in catastrophe. 

"But what could he do? Because he had had the misfortune to meet that woman, to live some time with her, was he doomed to keep her forever, to sacrifice his happiness to her? Why he, and not the others? In the name of what principle of justice?" p.163

Great book that goes through every possible emotion experienced in a relationship, save love.

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