The Chaser (2008)

Ive been watching a lot of Korean revenge movies lately, as its about the only genre on Netflix thats both enjoyable and new. This one, the Chaser, is about a Seoul pimp searching for his missing hos. Anyone familiar with the whole Korean revenge movie genre knows that if theres one way to add suspense and emotional investment, its to molest, beat, and chop up some hot Korean girls. This movie starts no differently, but quickly evolves to something with a little more meaning.

Its a great movie (earned all 5 of my stars to give), but the only reason I can say this is because of how different this is from the other movies Ive seen recently.

I was so busy watching the movie, I forgot to take screen caps (although, it isnt too visually interesting). This was the image that remained in my mind, so I captured it, and used it as an excuse to tell you, faithful readers ;-/ about it!

Time to finish my bottle of Zig Zag Zin with some Practical Magic, since I mistakenly drilled into the twist off bottle cap with my wine key and the neck is about 1/16" too big for my wine stopper. 

Waste not, want not!

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