Have Not (outfit edition)

Oxford Shop Coat by Stephan Schneider
$385. Nice, classic, lightweight jacket in a cool gray

Denim Jacket Shirt by Comme Des Garcons Shirt
$470. Im not too big a fan of Comme's Shirt line, but this one attracts me on so many levels! 

Bella Vista Pant by Woolrich Woolen Mills
$265. Understated, but still visually interesting.

Leather Carabiner Belt by Ts(s)
$437. Ts(s) is one of my new favorite brands, and this belt is one of the reasons why.

100 Series 103/k Wristwatch by Uniform Wares
$178. Simple, good looking, and in an interesting color. 

$90. Clean, sharp, casual. 

$1825 Total. :-(

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