Raison d'être

Or so I keep telling myself. 

This is the collection im currently working on. Pretty basic stuff, nothing too crazy, aside from some pocket details and a few creative facings (none of which will stand out too well on the catwalk, unfortunately). 

I designed it simply in order to ensure that I actually finish. 
Fabrics are cotton twill and cotton broadcloth (still trying to source organic fabrics with a nice smooth hand). The colors are naturally dyed in Madder and Indigo. I actually set up two dye vats in my parent's back yard:

Buttons will be horn. And overlays will be of PEVA, although im having trouble sourcing yardage of that as well. Target has some garment bags that have an almost perfect PEVA front self, so I may need to resort to buying and cutting those.

But yeah, thats about all. Now Im just working on the patterns and muslins, and hopefully, by the end of summer, I will be showing this at the Academy of Art's NY fashion show in September! 

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