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Amazing Studio D'artisan Jeans! The D1497 Rodeo Jeans are a mash up of Levis and Lee jeans. They are made with standard right hand twill denim in one leg and left hand twill in the other! 
This is awesome, because when they get washed, the seams will twist towards each other, instead of both twisting in the same direction (its awesome to me, anyways). 

Left hand twill was used almost exclusively by Lee Jeans, while Wrangler and Levis used right hand twill. Left hand twill is supposed to be softer and fade less as well, but im skeptical about that. I dont understand why the weave direction would matter, if its the same weave structure, material, and density. 

Also, Lee jeans always have the felled seam on the yoke opening down, while Levis opens up. Supposedly this is because cowboys (who normally wear Lee - Miners wore Levis) would mistake the yoke seam for their back pockets when sitting on a saddle, which becomes very annoying. So this way the hand keeps running down the backside until you hit the pocket opening.

True story.

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