Have Not (outfit edition)

Wax Riders Jacket by Sophnet
50,400 Yen, but its purrfect! I dont even mind the slightly tacky patch.

Ultrafine Merino Tee by Outlier
$75 "Merino pulls moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry in the summer, yet insulates when the weather cools. Odor resistant, breathable, temperature regulating, quick drying, light weight and super soft."

1108 Selvedge Sweat Fleece Denim by Fullcount

$305. Midweight, slim but not skinny, interesting hand and color, by one of Japan's best Denim brands. Sweatshirt Warp and denim weft woven on shuttle looms. 

Hidden Buckle Belt by Billykirk
$150. So sleek, so sexy.

M6 Outdoor Classic Boot by Opening Ceremony
$325. I have been thinking about these a lot. Especially when I wear my Clarks on a wet day!

0886 Sunglasses in Dark Turtle by Cutler and Gross
$430. I was born in August 1986, sounds like it was meant to be. Its a shame theres a 90% chance they wont fit my massive face. All I want is a pair of cat eye shades!

$720. Made by Bagjack for Stone Island from an iridescent trilobate nylon rip-stop / jacquard with detailing in waterproof performance DIAMOND-R 3L fabric. And it transforms from backpack, to messenger, to tote, to briefcase. Awesoooooome!!! 

$2620 Total. :-(

To the 4 people or so who visit the blog, sorry I havent been posting much. Ive had lots of stress lately and barely have time to check my facebook and mail, let alone sit around blogging. But I will try more often. For you. ;-)
Theres no shortage of stuff I cant afford floating around the internet, thats for sure.

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dave said...

sophnet...so much awesome