New haul from Kinokuniya.

Lightning Magazine Vintage Denim Edition (Awesome)

Replacement Inks for my Sharbo X from Jetpens (black and blue)

Kumo Pencut scissor (fantastic)

Vintage style air mail envelopes

Storage tin in the most perfect of sizes. I have been looking for something like this for a long time!
Just enough for about 6 cigarettes worth of tobacco, some emergency matches, and a few papers.

You beauty! Look at that fit!

And, in case anyone is as big a geek as I am about finding perfect storage for things, heres how I store my stationary:

Plastic pocket pouch from Patrick & Co. with elastic string and riveted button closure for everyday supplies.

Acrylic Fido Jar from container store for markers, extra supplies, pens-fallen-from-favor, etc. They all fit perfectly!


Carmen said...

where did you get the tin can? that is great! not for tobacco, of course, but for other things...

Gerhart said...

kinokuniya in Japantown! They have all sizes!