Danger: Diabolik! (1968)

My friend David turned me on to this movie. Based off of a popular Italian comic book character, the movie is about a sneaky cat burglar who tears through an undefined European country in his seemingly endless supply of Jaguar XKEs. He is always one step ahead of the cops and manages to steal enormously difficult loot with ease (including a 22 ton gold bar). Hes got tons of great gadgets, and a hot blonde babe, and, although unarmed, he always manages to murder some innocent civilians.

Screw carbonite, hes got gold!

Hose her down, Diabolik!

Hot mamacita

In disguise, but stylish as ever!

I love this silhouette!

Awesome payphone, and payphone sign. His cuff is in the perfect position!


Guy on the left. Brick red jacket, white shirt, brown ascot, khaki pants. Awesome. 

Nice rope on his spalla con rollino. Beautiful print combo.

I want this desk set. And that lamp!

Turtleneck how its supposed to be done!

Dino De Laurentis produces, same guy as Barbarella.

Perfect Spalla Camicia on the left.

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dave said...

Yeah! glad you liked the flick, and updated so quickly! i've got to get on it and download tokyo drifter post haste...