Black Rapid SnapR Camera Case.
I bought this without much thought because it reminded me of a design I made for the Kata Dream Bag Competition.

However I have a few gripes with this bag:
- Wrist strap is poorly designed
- Its too small to be very useful as a bag, and too big to be a camera case. Either the pockets should be bigger by at least 1" bigger or eschewed altogether.
- Pockets should be expandable from the bottom, not the sides.
- It would be nice if the expandable side of the pocket was also black.
- Logos are too big and too bright.

The SnapR is a case/sling/wrist-strap combo bag. It has one easily accessible center compartment for the camera, and two small but expandable side pockets.

(excuse the dirty mirror)

LX5 Attached

Unfortunately, the Tripod Lug to which the system mounts is not located in the center of the LX5. This makes it kind of awkward to quickly extract and replace the camera into the case.

The mount-strap and wrist-strap attachment are also awkward to use. The wrist-strap needs to be carried separately and snap-buckled in place of the sling snap. 

This creates 4 plastic parts in between the wrist and camera, which stiffen the strap and feel awkward. Also, the mounting screw is made of very solid, high quality metal, but makes it impossible to attach a tripod without first unscrewing it. Not the end of the world, but i might forgo the screw mount all together and strap it to the strap lugs built into the camera.

Interior is lined in soft polyester fleece like fabric to prevent scratches. Soft shell has around 1/4" padding all around and gives somewhat.
Goatse, lol

Exterior is PU backed Codura nylon for water resistance. Zipper sliders of varying colors and weight. Side zippers look as if they are of higher quality than the front ones. Very bright logo on zipper pulls (somewhat loud and tacky, i feel, I may replace them).

Rubber Leatherette on bottom, which is quite nice. However, look at that logo! Its massive and looks dated. Its fine on the packaging, and maybe on an interior label, but not plastered on the side of the bag. And its on both sides, completely unnecessary. They are getting removed for sure.

Straps are 3/4" wide nylon webbing and removable via snap buckles. The shoulder pad is easily removable thanks to the zipper, and is backed with the rubber leatherette, giving it a great grip. The shape also contours around the shoulder and prevents it from moving back and forth. And I like the logo here. Its nice, minimal, and most importantly, black.

Now for the interior, here is pretty much what I intend to carry with me at all times during my upcoming trip to Europe (minus the camera), and will now try to fit into the bag.
Clockwise from top left: Sunglasses, Bali Shag Tobacco, Zippo Slim, Orbit gum, Ipod Touch, Shure SCL3 earbuds, US Passport, German Passport, Gorillapod for compacts, Moleskine planner, Sailor Inkbar fountain pen

The US Passport barely fits, while the German one is about 1/4" too big, diagonally.

When closed, the corner of the passport pops out. Not very good in English rain.

Ipod and headphones have plenty of room to spare.

Moleskine is way too big for the side pockets.

Pen barely fits.

Tobacco pouch and Zippo barely fit. I had to really squeeze it in. But this will get better with time (Ill just have to smoke a little more often!)

Gorillapod barely fits if crunched up. However, it will have to be screwed in for every use if I use the tripod mount.

I figure this will be my daily kit then: (from top) Bali Shag, Pen, US Passport, Zippo, Gum, Ipod, Headphones.

Zipped shut.

If its not raining, I guess I could store the Moleskine and German Passport in the main pocket.

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Love. this. post! Im excited for your trip already! hahaha